Tsubaki Moon Ritual Kit - LIMITED EDITION

Tsubaki Moon Ritual Kit - LIMITED EDITION

  • $60.00

The ultimate bed-time skin care ritual kit with Tsubaki Moon Drops 20ml and a Rose Quartz Gua-Sha facial massage tool for application.

Use a few Moon Drops and smooth the edge of the Gua-Sha over the skin, from the centre out, in smooth, gentle motions.  Continue down the neck for an effective lymphatic self-massage.  Keep your Gua-Sha in the fridge for an extra-cooling end to the day.

Tsubaki Moon drops contain:

• Capric/Caprylic triglyceride (palm-free); for a light and penetrating carrier, pulling the actives deep into the skin.

• Tsubaki oil; the famous skin care ingredient of the Geisha for centuries, rich in oleic and linoleic acid for cell regeneration and suppleness.  

• Jojoba oil; a close match to our own sebum, this oil helps to balance oil production and is beneficial to all skin types.

• Yarrow essential oil; the distilled essence of the yarrow flower, a plant dedicated to Aphrodite, Venus and the Moon, it soothes redness, tightens skin and improves texture.

• German Chamomile essential oil: 100% pure, with a vivid blue due to the high chamazulene content, this beautiful moon-bound oil smells of fresh apples and hay, calming and soothing skin, soothing redness and irritation, and the aroma prepares the mind for sleep.


** This kit is strictly limited **