Broth Booster Herbal Kit

  • $25.00

As we move into cooler weather in the midst of a global pandemic, we are all looking at ways to boost our health and resilience and ensure a healthy immune response.  One of the best, and most delicious, ways of doing this is through making Herbal Broths to use as a base for meals such as soups or rice dishes, or to enjoy as a simple, nourishing hot drink.

Whether you make a complex vegetarian broth or a rich bone broth, adding medicinal herbs to the mix will take your stock pot to the next level.

Arohanui Broth Booster contains three separate packs; a root blend to add at the beginning of the cook time, a powdered blend to add at any stage (minimum 20 mins cook time) and a parcel of more delicate plants to add for the final 20 minutes of simmering time.  The broth booster results in an extra rich, deep broth packed with immune supporting adaptogens, liver herbs and nutritional powerhouses to keep you in the best of health.

Broth Booster Kits include:

Dandelion root, Burdock root, Marshmallow root, Eleuthero, Yellow Dock, Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Reishi, Green Oats, Nettle, Calendula, Yarrow, and Silver Birch 

Each kit contains enough herbs to boost up to 15L of stock.  For smaller stock pots, split the packages accordingly.