Herbal Tea Blends

  • $15.00

A divine range of freshly blended medicinal herbal teas presented in a quality seamless food-grade iron tin, infinitely reusable.

Choose from the following blends:

Fortify - A refreshing and deeply nourishing blend of organic spring nettles and peppermint.  Great for people experiencing fatigue, low iron, seasonal allergies, or anyone wanting to boost their mineral intake naturally.

Sleep, My Love - A gentle and effective sleep tonic including organic rose petals, lavender, chamomile and passionflower.  A perfect wind-down if you're feeling stressed, suffer from a busy mind at bedtime, and want a gently sedative brew that won't make you woozy.  Wonderfully aromatic, can be sweetened with a little milk and honey for a lush bedtime brew.

Goddess Tea - A tart and juicy blend of roselle, rose hips and sweet lemon to boost vitamin C and natural hyaluronic acid and collagen production in the skin.  Makes a gorgeous ice-tea, or add a concentrated infusion to sparkling water, or enjoy simply as a hot infusion.

Kawakawa & Lime - A spicy blend of wildcrafted kawakawa, organic local lime, organic elderflower, and organic NZ grown lemon verbena.  Perfect for sore throats, upset tummies, winter ills and chills, or as a daily tonic for over-all good health.  

Cacao Cherry Fusion - an earthy blend of cacao husk from Baron Hasselhoff's chocolate shop in Wellington, NZ grown organic coffee cherries, and rose hips.  This tea packs an astonishing polyphenol antioxidant punch, with vitamin C and bioflavonoids galore as well as a mellow chocolate undertone.  Best steeped long, or gently simmered for full depth of flavour.  

Bronchial Tea - marvellous lung support with an organic blend of mullein, hyssop, liquorice root and elecampane.  Brew for support during bouts of coughs and colds, bronchitis, asthma etc.  Natural, plastic-free paper tea bags provided.