Herbal Elixirs

  • $17.50

Arguably the most beautiful way to introduce herbal tonics into your life, these Elixirs offer endless opportunity to benefit from their gentle medicine.

Poured over ice with sparkling water, added to a cocktail or mocktail in place of syrup for a more complex creation, drizzled over beautiful desserts or incorporated into decadent breakfasts.

Naturally sugar-free, these elixirs are made with a base of palm-free organic glycerin and distilled water, the herbs cold-extracted over time to retain delicate oils and flavours.

Choose from soothing chamomile (outstanding paired with tonic water), uplifting Lavender & Butterfly Pea Flower (wonderful with lemon and lime), blissful Rose and Hibiscus (for an aromatic sweet/tart note that is magical by itself or pairs beautifully with bitters), or Kawakawa & Lime for a subtle, spicy twist.

Strictly limited quantities available.